I write this after almost three years of blogging and I have discovered most posts are random thoughts on my life, spirituality, the world and every so often if I want to sound a bit smart, politics. There are lots of quotes and a small amount of pictures.  They are often quite long and sometimes I look back and think they were a bit silly.

I don’t blog everyday and I am going to stop apologising for that but now with my new and very pretty blog I may be more inclined to blog more. Thanks Ryan.

Anyway about me,  I am a very passionate person and I talk about these passions a lot (probably too much) but I am passionate about my community, my God, my husband, South America, making poverty history, my work, music and Jesus.

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  1. Hi Emily,

    my name is Hailey Murray and I’m an Aussie living in the US, also training to be a doula… long story short, a friend of a friend is looking for a doula in Alice Springs and I was wondering if you had completed your training yet or could pass on the details of the doula you met who is already working there. We doulas… connected across continents! My email is hailey@hzmurray.com, thank you for any help!

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