I have done some really interesting assessments this semester, a little challenging but good.

The first one that comes to mind was my policy analysis assessment where I analysed the policies of “The Sopranos”. If any of you don’t know by now I am a huge fan of the Sopranos so being able to sit around and watch them over and over and not feel bad because it was for uni was so great. Every time I watched them I just became more and more aware of how tight the script was, they don’t say a word that doesn’t count. It is a little violent at times and they can be so mean but it is essentially a program about families and it is a really interesting look at them.

The second assessment that I found just fascinating was my Spanish presentation where I chose to talk about Liberation Theology. Again most people have probably heard by now that I am also a huge fan of Liberation Theology so it was great to sit around and read about it all day. I am also believe it or not a huge fan of Peru and that is where this theology was started. I don’t really know how to sum it up in a couple of words so I will give you a quote here from Guiterrez himself that describes it. “It is a theology based on the Bible that reveals to us a God that without limits rejects injustice and poverty”. It’s a bit of a dodgy translation but I think you have got the idea. After reading Robert’s blog I thought I should avoid any of the translation things on the net.

Anyway the assessment that I am doing right now is not like these. It is horribly boring and I am finding it hard to stay focused. I guess that is why I have mangaed to read almost all the blogs of the people I know and the people that I don’t and write this fairly long blog post. I am trying to think of more to write to avoid it but I think I have to accept that the time has come to return.

Oh Lord give me strength

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  1. Yay liberation Theology is so good. I really like the sound of it.

    I am now up to Chapter 5 of Why Warriors Lie Down and Die. It’s so damn good. I was tempted to just read it through the sermon in church.

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