I am so confused.

Well I went and did that visited countries thing which was so fun. I have to say the countries that I have been to are all a bit random really. Anyway I did it and then I manged to like paste some HTML text and up cam the map on my blog. Can you believe it I managed to paste some HTML text. So there it is on my blog but it is not registering on Blogfeed nor does it exist in my list of recent enteries. So I don’t know what’s going on. I so don’t want it to disappear.

Other things that I am confused about are:
Why people, myself included read Womens Day maghazines when they only make us feel bad.
These new anti terrorist laws.
The New Industrial realations laws.
Why people think having sex with disabled people will cure them of HIV/AIDS.
How HIV/AIDS got so out of control anyway.
My Research and Inquiry Assessment.
Why some people have so much and other (the majority) have little.
Why people don’t seem to care about it.
Why university educated people can’t find work so they end up driving taxis.


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