Ngapartji Ngaparji

I went and saw Ngapartji Ngaparji tonight. This is what they call a theatre experience where you go along and learn some Pitjantjatjara (Aboriginal language of Northern Territory) and sing some songs and then listen to a story about one of the actors families acted out. Learning the language was fun. They taught us words about family my mum is my ngunytju and my dad is my mama and Gemma is my kangkuru. Martin is wiru (beautiful). I know that’s not family but I liked the word and I wanted to talk about Martin. They also taught us about how family works and who marries who. There are lots of laws that I don’t fully understand so Iwon’t go into it but it was interestinh. The story like many was very sad. It made me really angry.

I am glad I wnet and saw this today as in class today my lecturer told us that the uni now had a relationship with someone who teaches language in the Northern Territory and they want people to do their practicums there. I was thinking that I would like to do this and tonight made me quite excited about the idea. A bit scared as the whole thing is so complex and I worry that I really have no idea what I can/should do but I think that I should at leat try.

Hopefully I can go again tommorrrow.

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