More U2

Well I said that I would be at least 500m from U2 but it turns out that it was more like 2 metres (I think but I am really bad at estimating distnce). It was awesome, absolutely unbelieveable, incredible and so, so fun. They do rock. I bought U2 on U2 yesterday so if anyone wants to come around and read it, it will be on our coffee table.

The rest of the weekend was pretty good too. With a big sleep in and pancakes on Saturday morning I was off to a good start. It was particularly good when I I looked at the clock and saw 11.45. My initail reaction was oh no I have to study but then I realised that I didn’t. Yay for finishing uni for the year. In the afternoon Libby, Ryan and I went to Coogee. We went on the bus which made it more fun. I like catching new buses. After a swim and some reading on the beach mum and Keityh came adn we walked around to Tamarama to look at Sculptures by the Sea. We didn’t run into Jenny and Robert but it was still cool. It was my forst time so I was kind of blown away. Unfortunately getting home was not so fun. I won’t go into details but it took about two hours. I was not happy at all but Ran and Libby were. I am going to try to be more like that. We did finally make it to Helen’s drink which were nice. Always good to catch up with the Belrose crew and Happy Birthday Helen.

Sunday, after a bit of a crappy start where Martin and I went out to Silverwater jail to visit our friend we discovered they had moved him. No notice. no phone call to tell us that ou appointment had been cancelled. I can’t believe how inhumane that system is. We came back to Newtown and took a cruise done King Street. The Newtown festival was on so we listened to some music and looked in book shops. We ended up at Broadway so we visited Jem at the Oxfam shop which is so the coolest shop and it has so many Peruvian things in it which are lovely.

In the evening we went to Rough Edges. Another calm (in a Rough Edges kind of way) night and we also had Laksa at S Thada which was yummy. I had forgotton how good they were and so cheap.

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