Given that I have been such a slack blogger during the month of January I thought I might do a catch up list about what I have been doing. So January was the month that..

I attended RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award). I really loved some of it and learnt a lot but I really hated some of it and still shudder when I think about it. But all in all I think that it was worth doing and I met some really great people. Probably the most important lesson that I learnt was that not everybody is going to like me all the time. And to realise that and not have my whole sense of self caught up in what others think is unbelievably liberating.

Was really busy at work. It is a relief to have lots to do but I am feeling a little overwhelmed by it all.

Saw Keating with my mum. I think it was one of the funniest things that I have seen in a long time and mum and I had a great time together too.

Jem left for Mexico. I am very sad and feel like I am going to miss her heaps. It was so wonderful living with her in 2006. But I am very excited for her and it has been so great reading her blog. It has makde me excited about travel again.

Have started settling into my church and really loving it. So nice to be part of one again and have met some awesome people. Yay for St John’s Glebe.

I went to Tamworth for country music and of course to see my family. It was okay but so many poeple around and I think now when I take a holiday I want to get away from people. It was nice coming home and again feeling really happy when I pulled into Enmore Rd. It really feels like home.

Continued my love affair with Isabel Allende. I am reading Of love and Shadows now and I am really enjoying it.

3 thoughts on “January

  1. Aaah – RYLA. I went to that way back in 1983, more by accident than by design. It was fun and I still see some of the people I met there. But, yes I can see where the shudder-ness could come from. Hopefully you found it more useful than not.

  2. Yes. Emily. It was lovely to live with you to. And all the house. I feel blessed to have lived with some of the people in the world who I really think are the best people ever. And most earnest.

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