Woke up feeling pretty crappy – sort of stressed and up tight and I couldn’t shake it. I tried to read the bible but it annoyed me too so I went searching for a prayer that I wrote a little while ago in some of my old diaries. That was the worst idea that I had as I ended up reading my diary from when I was about 17 and 18. What a total jerk I was. How absolutlety embarassing and made me feel more anxious. So finally I tried some meditation but that didn’t feel good either.

So I made some peppermint tea for Jo and I and went and sat in her room. She was chatting to Jem which I did for a bit and then we decided to do some art. I drew a leunig and it was unbelieveably soothing. We also put on some John Coleman and he always makes me feel like everything is right with the world. After Jo made some very yummy lunch I lay on her floor and read some poems and here is one that I founf by Noel Davis. He like John and Luenig some how manages to make everything feel okay.

Called to be loving reminders for eachother

We need to tell and retell stories in word and deed
that keep reminding us of what we most forget
that our essence is Love
our destiny Divine
and that Love ebbs and flows
from the heart of our being
to the far shores of the universe
when we dare to listen adn to acknowledge
our loving self
to let go into one another and let our fragile lives
be drawn way out of their depth
into the living flow
of You

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  1. Hi Mil,
    I never really read blogs but I got on the computer to write a letter and Keith had the blogs up so I thought I’d check yours. I only read this one but I have to say the Noel Davis poem you wrote out was really good for me to read as I think about going to work and all the stressors this week. I’ll try to hold onto it.
    Love Mum

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