Last week I was really disappointed as after numerous emails and phone calls I found out that I would not be able to my prac teaching in Alice. I was pretty cranky too as I had emailed my teacher last year saying I wanted to do it and I know I was the first person to do it and then she obviously forgot about me and so others got in. So after I got over it, I decided to try and search other avenues and today there was some hopeful news. My mum and Keith have become friends with one of their neighbours who teaches literacy at Charles Darwin Uni in Alice and he reckons that he or someone else there may be able to take me. I guess I’ll look into that over the next ouple of days and truly find out but if you feel inclined please pray for me.

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  1. I hope my love that you can make it to Alice. Provably your teacher has many problems, so she forgot the best student in the Universe. Go My teacher!!!!

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