I have borrowed a book from the library called, “Uses of Blogs” and it is sitting on the table. Many people have walked in and said “Uses of Blogs? Who is reading that?” When I say that it is me most are somewhat surprised.

But alas it is not because I am going to update this blog but because I am doing an assessment on the ways a teacher could use Blogs in language learning. We had to pick some type of IT and I thought blogs might be what I know most about. Not that I know much but hey I have one and read other people and sometimes I even comment.

It is quite interesting. I have learned some things but then I have to talk about how I may use it in my work. Given that what I really want to do is teach in poor communities where most people won’t even have a computer, let alone the internet I am not sure how useful it will be. Then again technology is one of the areas where the gap between rich and poor is growing and maybe if I could teach something it would be helpful.

3 thoughts on “Blogs

  1. Hey is there anything writeen by a Michael Griffith? He was my teacher at Strathfield and was really keen on the blog stuff in teaching.

  2. Potentially quite.. You see the blog could enable the people in your community to tell their stories, in their own words to the wider world. Which is quite a powerful thing. Even if it was just a shared blog where someone got to post once a week that would be a very cool thing..

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