Some Updates

I am getting so much spam comments at the moment. It is really annoying and some a pretty grose too. Anyway just went through and deleted them all and had a bit of a read pf my blog and realised that there are a few post I have made that need updating.

Firstly, the good news. I am going to Alice for my prac, well flying into Alice but will be doing my prac in a remote community somewhere a couple of hours out. Apparently my cooperating teacher is a 60 year old nun which I think is cool. I have booked tickets to for the second week of October. Thankfully I will get to spend the weekends at mum and Keith’s house. Very much looking forward to seeing it and them. I miss them a lot.

Secondly, the bad news. Teresa’s daughter is yet to be reunited with her mother. We were told that she had been found but now nothing has happened. It is a very long and complicated story and I don’t really get any of it at all but it’s pretty dodgy. I am not sure what exactly is going on but Teresa, some of the Ayni volunteers and a lawyer are on to it so I am hoping and praying for some good news soon. It is all so awful.

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