No committment

I don’t think my interview is going to show up. That is the second one in a row. It is very annoying. I mean there is no way people would just not show up to a job interview. I think people think because it is volunteer work it doesn’t matter. That attitude annoys me. I mean just ring.

It must be the January thing. I have had so much initial interest this month. 21 enquiries, that’s the most I have ever had but not a lot of follow through. I guess people make new years resolutions to volunteer but then by the end of January they have given up.

I have another interview at 6.30pm. I think I am going to go and ring her to make sure she shows up. I would be very angry if I stayed behind and she didn’t come.

One thought on “No committment

  1. It is frustating, Mil. It happens a lot. Working in health we regularly have what we call “DNA”,s (Did Not Attend). I hate it too.

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