How long it takes me to learn!

A week ago I wrote a post reflecting on how blessed I was. Unfortunately though I have found myself over the week beginning to worry and stress about a few things. Then today I went to Manly to have lunch my old friend Jenny. On the way back on the ferry I was praying and watching the beauty of the water and the dark clouds preparing for a storm over it and I was again struck by just how blessed I was. I came home and spent a lovely evening with Martin. We talked and ate nibbles and watched the rain coming down in the light of the sun. It was beautiful. As our discussion wore on later into the night we touched on a subject that has been of some worry and stress to me and things were slowly becoming heated. Then there was a knock on the door. I answered and it was a friend from Glebe. She was crying and very stressed. I invited her in but she refused she just wanted me to pray for her. I said I’d love to and she told me what was going on. We stood on my porch for a bit longer while she regained the strength to go home. I asked her if there was anything else I could do and she no, she just felt heaps better knowing that someone was praying. She went home and I went inside and Martin and I started praying. We prayed and prayed. After all that I had our little worries and stresses in perspective again and again felt really blessed. Gosh I am a slow learner. I really hope that I won’t forget this again any time soon

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