It’s all about me

Yesterday I decided that I would spend the day with myself, doing things that I like doing and just caring for myself. It was my last day of work and I thought I would reward myself for some of the good things I’ve achieved this year and offer myself some kindness and grace in an effort to let go of some of the crappier things.

So I finished work at about 1.30 and went and had a salad roll at my favourite (yummy and very cheap) salad roll place. Then I went and got an eyebrow wax and a half hour massage. The wax sucked, it was painful and not well done but the massage really hit the spot. Then I came home, grabbed my swimming stuff and walked to the Ian Thorpe pool. I did my usual 22 laps and it felt good and then had a sauna just in case I wasn’t relaxed enough. From the pool I went and had dinner at the sushi train and read my book. I am a bit obsessed with sushi trains and my book. Then I went to the movies. I saw Twilight. There wasn’t anything else on and I was hoping it was going to be like Buffy, (you know vampires and stuff) but it wasn’t. In fact it wasn’t very good at all and certainly went against everything I had been reading about (I am reading Passionate Marriage which is all about differentiation, the concept of holding on to and validating yourself in your relationship and I can assure there was nothing differentiated about the relationship in twilight). However I didn’t care that much I just love seeing movies on my own, it feels so liberating. And I enjoyed the champagne and the choc top. After the movie I came home and went to bed feeling very relaxed and all prepared for my holidays.

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