What a week (and a bit)

Since my very extravagant look after me day on my last day work for 2008 I have continued to have a pretty relaxed and blessed holiday.
Saturday: Hung around at home with Martin and we went for a wander into the city to look at lights. We stumbled across the Carols in the Domain and watched for a bit and came back to Glebe for pizza.
Sunday: Minded Hannah and had lots of fun with her at the pool.
Monday: Jo and Victor arrived and I went to the airport to meet them and then had a scrumptious breakfast in Newtown and sat around at the bushy French house with my amazing friends. Fi and Mike came with their baby Evie and she is so cute.
Tuesday: Leila (Martin’s cousin’s friend from Ecuador) arrived and I went to the airport again to pick her up. Mum and Keith arrived too so I went to French’s again for dinner there with them and others
Wednesday: Had a Christmas Eve lunch at Kat and Tom’s and played some serious Badminton. Gemma arrived and I had a great Japanese meal with her and mum in Newtown. Then we attended the Christmas Eve service. It was a very special service great music, great atmosphere, people taking and drinking champagne after. I did the prayers.
Thurday: Christmas Day. After a relaxing morning we went to my grandparents place. Spent and hour or so on Collaroy Beach (as they live there) and then had a dinner at their place. Grandma as always excelled in her cooking especially the prawns and the Christmas pudding and custard.
Friday: Boxing Day morning spent at the Lady’s Pool at Coogee and then back to Hornsby for coffee with Jo and Jem while the others watched a movie. In the evening we went to Brooklyn for Christmas left overs.
Saturday: Toured the city with Victor and Leila. We walked from Milson’s Point over the Bridge to the Rocks markets and had lunch. Then through Circular Quay for coffee and then through the Botanic Gardens to Woollomolloo (spelling) for a beer. At that point it started to rain. We eventually gave up waiting and walked through the Domain, past St Mary’s Cathedral, through Hyde Park and took a bus back to my place for dinner.
Sunday: Church, a long much needed quiet time then back to Collaroy for some time with mum and family on the beach. Keith and mum came home and had dinner with us. Much talk about Alice Springs was had. Exciting.
Monday: Drove to Wollongong through the Royal National Park and over the Sea Cliff Bridge and had the best Vegie Burgers in Coledale. In Wollongong we went to Jess’s local Lee and Me’s for coffee and then wandered down the the light house.
It’s been really great to hang with everyone (especially Jo and Victor) and I have had sooooo much fun. However tomorrow I am ready for a bit of an alone day before New Year’s Eve.

One thought on “What a week (and a bit)

  1. I’m so glad you’ve been having a really nice Sydney summer holiday over Christmas – New Year! It all sounds lovely! I think you managed to get in some of the best bits of Sydney in a week. And I enjoyed the bits where I was part of it all very much. ANd I thought your prayers on Christmas Eve were wonderful!! I’m glad you’re excited about moving here and enjoying all Sydney has to offer while you’re there.

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