If it doesn’t rain it pours

For the last three months, since coming here to Alice Springs, I have been feeling very time rich and under stimulated. This week however has been one of the busiest, most overwhelming weeks of my life…..

It started okay on Monday morning, got up late, had a relaxing breakfast, went to my poustinia to drop some things I am keeping there and had a bit of a quiet time. Then I went to town to meet my friend Sandi for a coffee at mid day. It was a good coffee (finally) but she has some pretty intense stuff going on so it was a fairly full on conversation. From there I went and had a haircut (I have really short hair now) and then to look at ovens, pick up taps and run some other errands for the house. At 4.30 I picked up Leonie, the woman from Darwin who had come to help me sort out what I was doing. We went straight to the office just for her to have a look at some things but didn’t end up leaving til 8.30. It was good though, we chucked out pretty much everything. Anyone who is a hoarder would have hated it but we found it really satisfying.

Picked up Leonie from her hotel the next morning and we were back in the office just after 10.30. Apart from a short lunch break, in which she continued to fill my brain with things I needed to know for the job, we worked all day. By 5pm my brain was so fried with all the new information (and more mess we had discovered from the previous person) but I had to run to an on call meeting and then run back for my evening class. That was totally chaotic again and by 9pm when it finished I was not feeling great.

Back at work by 8.30 on Wednesday for my 9.00 class. It went better than the previous evening but I still wasn’t thrilled. After class Leonie went through a few more things and then left. I was hoping that by this stage I would have everything all sorted but she had created almost as much work as relieved so I just kept going til 6pm. Then I went to class for three more hours and got home 9.15. 13 hours after I had left that morning. I was shattered.

Thursday, I had the morning off to clean, wash and do some paperwork. Then it was back to work for the evening class which as usual finished at 9pm. It was a lovely class though, I finally had a moment in which I thought, well I don’t totally suck at this, and I think the students actually learned something.

Today, I was in at 9.30 for an interview with a new student. I was only going to be there until noon but instead walked out at 4pm. That is a lot of hours especially as I am only supposed to be working 20 hours a week (from now on I hope). I was just really keen to feel like I was on top of things. And I do, at last! I am also home. I am totally exhausted but I am happy to know that I don’t have to think about work again until Tuesday afternoon. Lots of work to do on the house though.

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