Blogging is like exercise.

Blogging is like exercise. When you are on a roll with it, it is very easy to do, it becomes part of your day and it just happens. Once you stop though starting again is really hard and while I often think of these interesting posts to write when I get to the computer it just doesn’t happen and I waste my time on facebook instead (I think I need to set some rules on that, it’s a killer). Anyway life is okay although a little overwhelming. Work is still very hard for me but I am getting there. We are still not in our house and we are all bit exhausted with it but the end is nigh I do believe (although I feel like I have said that before and it just never seems to happen).

But one of the really good things I was going to write about was that we had a really special time with all my family here to celebrate my grandfather’s 80th birthday. We had shared lots of meals and laughs and had a lovely day exploring some of the West Macs. I think it will be one of those times that we all remember for a long time. Gemma and I went with Grandma to Uluru and we had such a hoot. Even though I have been there three times now Uluru still effects me and maybe even more so now that I live here in Central Australia. My grandmother really is very impressive, 78 and can still do the three hour walk around the base. Gemma and I did the Valley of the winds walk too which I didn’t do last time so that was great.

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