Good times in Sydney town

We arrived in Sydney on Monday arvo after having left Alice on Friday morning. It was a good trip, everything is just so green and there are wildflowers everywhere. Highlights would have to have been driving through the Flinders or our gorgeous riverside cabin in Wellington. A visit to the Bevis family in Hazlebrook to meet the babies was nice too. It has been a long time since we have seen them. Thankfully Nina quite likes the car so she was pretty cruisy the whole time. Unfortunately though she got a little bit sick so our first stop in Sydney was the Summers Ave Medical Clinic. She was fine, just a little cold but her parents were a bit freaked. Nina makes me feel very vulnerable. In the evening Jemma came over and had dinner with us and it was lovely to catch up with her too.

The next morning, Martin went and picked up his mum. Nina and I hung with Gem for a bit and then waited around for them to come back. It was great introducing Lida to Nina. She was so excited. In the evening we all had a happy evening at community dinner.

That night Nina manged to sleep from 10pm to 5.30am. Even though I still had to get up and express some milk I felt pretty amazing after that much sleep. I also went for a swim for the first time since Nina and I managed 12 laps. Not a bad start I thought. On return I had a hot bath. I think for the first time since getting pregnant my body felt good, like it was mine again. I can not tell you how good it felt. We also took Lida for lunch at pie in the sky. Good pies, beautiful view. That night John, Tom and Gem joined us for a very funny dinner.

Nina didn’t sleep so well that night though. She is constantly reminding me not to expect any routine. It’s great that Martin’s not working though so he was able to do the 4.00am bouncing for almost an hour. What a wonderful father. Thankfully she slept in a little bit longer though so we were up at 8 rather than 6. We went to Gerringong to visit Kat and Tom. Long drive but so beautiful. I love that part of the world. We stopped at the Buddhist temple for tea and to show Lida. I had the nicest chai and spring rolls ever. The food there is always so good. If you are ever in that area make sure you eat there. It was also so, so great to catch up with Kat and Tom in their new totally amazing home on the beach.

Today though I am bracing for not so good a time. Nina is having her 8 week vaccines and they are pretty painful. I imagine she is going to be pretty distressed after. And me too, probably more. I am completely out of proportion worried about how awful it is going to be watching someone stick a needle in my little girls leg I actually have butterflies in my stomach. So glad Martin is coming. I couldn’t do it alone. So better go wake her up which totally sux baecause she is for the second time ever actually sleeping in her cot in daylight hours.

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