Full life

Life is pretty full right now. Nina continues to be the centre of it and trying to get her to sleep is still the biggest challenge. Despite some initial success with sleep training when the book said that it was time for us to leave the room we ended up picking her up again and now we are back to bouncing her to sleep. Even at 3am. It’s pretty tiring. I now have a book called, “the no cry sleep solution”. I am trying to put those ideas into practice but no success yet. I should probably just give up on the books but I’m still hopeful.

I am also working ten hours per week. I always don’t want to go but when I get there it is alright.

I have now completed two modules of my doula course so only six to go. I might as well take it slow though as I can’t really do a prac until Nina is a bit older. The thing with birth is you never really know how long you’ll be away and so Nina needs to be a bit more settled on food, sleep etc. I’m still enjoying the course immensely.

A old and very wonderful friend who also used to be an editor is editing my book so I have been pretty focused on it lately. She is amazing and the book is so, so much better now. It’s an interesting process and I am enjoying getting to know her better as well. If nothing ever comes of this book, apart from everyone getting a copy for Christmas, I wouldn’t totally mind as it’s been a great process.

And I am learning my lines for the Vagina Monologues. I spend a lot of time bouncing Nina to sleep and so they go over and over in my head. I guess the time it takes to get her to sleep is good for something. We will be performing in two weeks. I am very nervous now.

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