NSW Elections

I have been very glad this week that I don’t live in NSW. This election would have to go down as one of the least inspiring ever. We have had to deal with a certain amount of media about it though. The media is so dumb sometimes. The way they carry on as if everything is a much bigger deal than it really is. In my short time on earth I have realised this about Australian politics. Labor is in for a bit and then Liberal and then Labor and every so often we get a hung parliament and then the cycle continues. Of course Labor had to get out one day, and I don’t think 16 years in leadership can ever do anyone any favours, so it would be a big fall from grace but they will rebuild after a few leadership changes and then they will be in again and then they will get out again It’s how it goes.

And I think the Federal Liberals are even more dumb than the media. Carrying on as if this election has anything to do with them. It’s to do with NSW Labor being in for so long and their time had come. The rhetoric around the carbon tax does depress me. I have a 7 month old daughter and she is gorgeous and precious and I like all parents hope that she will have a good life. And thus I am very concerned for this planet and if she will have a future picking up the dregs of what is left after we have destroyed it. On Nina’s behalf I beg Tony Abbott and his cronies to stop playing politics and endorse this, if nothing else, to ensure that Nina will have a future. Perhaps life will cost her a little more (but come on the proportion of our incomes we spend on basics is not more than it was 50 years ago) but at least she will be here.

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