We made it to Peru

Finally we made it to Lima.  What a relief. We arrived at about 9.30pm but by the time we dealt with everything it was midnight before we got to the hotel.  Thankfully Nina went down ok and only woke up once before she got up at 8.00am. I am especially thankful as my body has collapsed and I have come down with a terrible flu.

Lima is busy, busy, busy and very noisy.  Martin and Nina have been catching up with family and friends and I am mostly trying to stay in bed and rest.  I did make it up to go to a meeting with Ruth from an NGO here called “Paz y Esperanza”.  She is also the coordinator for Micah Challenge South America.  It was great to chat with her. I also went for a little walk around Miraflores where we are staying.  It’s near the beach and while it’s not great for swimming and I am not up to that anyway it was good to smell the sea air.

We were going to stay in Lima one more day but have decided to head to Piura today.  I just don’t think I am going to get well in Lima.  It’s pretty full on.  I also need to stop travelling.  I want to have a home again.  That does mean 15 hours on a bus though.  I keep telling myself this journey does have to end but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.  It’s all pretty overwhelming.


3 thoughts on “We made it to Peru

  1. Hey Mil,
    Paz y Esperanza is the partner organization to IJM in Peru and Ecuador!!!
    Wow I feel so much closer to you, we are on the same continent!! We have a Miraflores here only it is a huge shopping mall. You would love it so much!! Ja. We looked at flights to Peru last night- dreaming….over $1000, don’t think it is going to happen unless there is a great deal, but I will keep my eyes open and my brother-in-law will let me know if Taca has any deals.
    I can talk just about any time in the next couple of days if you find a place where you can Skype and are able to.
    I hope that you feel better very soon!
    Lots of love

  2. Oh Mil. It’s been such a drawn out and stressful journey so I’m not surpirssed you’re crook. Nearly over. I hope you get to Piura comfortably enough. Glad Nina is going well. We all miss you so much. Been having big talks at home about you all and big cries. But we’re OK. Love you so much. Mum

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