Plaza de Armas

So here are today’s photos.

Most afternoons we go to the Plaza de Armas which is the plaza in the centre of town.  Most Peruvian towns have one and the people gather there.  Usually we bump into someone we know  Nina loves it there.  She runs around and climbs on things and is starting to play with the other children.  She usually just hands them things but it’s  start.  So this day has lots of photos as I couldn’t resist the cuteness.

The main statue.

Chulucanas is famous for it’s ceramics.  Especially these “fat lovers”.  The plaza has a large version.

Nina in her “vrom, vrom” with her “abuelita”  She can say grandma in Spanish now.  Every time we say “let’s go in the vrom, vrom” she knows it’s plaza de armas time.

And here is my gorgeous girl having a run around.

And my favourite photo of all.  Nina hugging a tree.  She’s a hippy already.

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