Mi Casa

Here are a few photos of our house.  I don’t really like these photos I have to say, they make the house Iook a bit bleak, which it isn’t.

This home, (like all the homes we have been privileged to live in over our 9 years together), is such a gift to us.  When we moved in we went around with a candle and prayed in each room and finished by playing John Coleman’s “song of L’Arche” as is our tradition.  And I do pray for God’s blessing on this house and all who enter in it.

This house is a very, very big part of our life here in Chulu.  While there a few things that frustrate me about it, I am very fond of it indeed.  It is a place to call home. A place that protects us from the rain I can hear pounding our roof for the last 10 days at least  It is a big place for Nina to run around in and explore.  And happily, it is a place in which we have been able to offer a lot of hospitality to family, friends and neigbours.

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