It seems I have failed to take some photos again today.  However, I have been thinking that the photos are all obviously visual images of Chulucanas.  So as I do not have a photo I thought that today I might try to give you a description of the noises of Chulucanas,  an audio image rather than a visual one.

  • rooster’s crowing in the neighbour’s yard
  • spanish pop blaring from the moto taxis that pass by
  • rain on tin roofs
  • church bells ringing twice daily
  • children playing in the street
  • vendors screaming the name of their product, “tamales, yukas, pan”
  • horns beeping – as there are no give way signs this is how people let you know they’re coming
  •  men whistling at women
  • clicking of horses or donkeys pulling wagon

It really is a rather noisy place.


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