Camping Trip to Ruby Gap

On the weekend Nina went on her second camping trip.  But she was only about 8 months on the first one so this was the first one where she was really able to engage the experience.  We went to Ruby Gap.  It’s an amazing place.

I was a bit worried about the drive out as it is a pretty long and full on bumpy four wheel drive trip.  I thought she would be pretty over it by the end but she loved bumping along and Keith made especially good sound effects for a long time to keep her giggling.  We even let her sit in the back of the ute for a bit and when it was over she kept wanting to get back in.

We had a pretty great campsite.

Nina loved setting up the tent and then we played in it for ages.

We had a pretty nice view from the tent too.

Nina also loved collecting firewood for the fire and sitting on an esky.  She really is a little camper.

We went my grandparents who really wanted to see Ruby Gap.  They are both over 80 so I reckon it was a pretty impressive effort to get there and back, it’s a pretty full on trip and camping is a lot of work too.  It was a blessed time with them for us.

Nina an mum had a swim in the waterhole.

I thought it was too cold but I enjoyed the spot.

We had a beautiful Central Australian sunset too.







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