After almost 6 months back in Alice we finally have internet at home.  I was almost used to it but now we have it I don’t know how I survived so long with out it.  It’s so exciting.  Maybe now I’ll blog more.

In other exciting news I found out that I now have another six month contract at work.  My current one ends on June 30th and it was starting to look like there wasn’t going to be funding for another one so I was pretty happy when my boss told me last week that the funding had come through. I really like my job and the organisation I am working for so it is good news indeed.  I will be working 4 days as of July.  It’s only one more day than I am currently working but it feels like a big deal as 4 days now means I am at work more days than at home for the first time since Nina was born.  I would prefer three days but part time work is pretty hard to find and it’s exactly what I want to be doing and what I am qualified to be doing so I feel pretty blessed.

Martin is also now working 3 days (plus teaching motor bike riding a few weekends per month) so it will mean Nina is in care for two days but I think she is ready for that.  Martin has a job with a program that offers scholarships to high school students from lower socio economic back grounds that helps to develop path ways into tertiary education.  It is not exactly what he wants to be doing but it’s a good for now as it’s part time and very flexible so he can be around for Nina and it’s at the university so will certainly help build connections in the area he does want to be in.

All in all I feel like we are abundantly blessed.   I feel our whole life together we have made decisions to do things or go places we feel called to, never with any certainty of what will happen, but it has always worked out.  So despite neither of us currently having permanent jobs (or having had them for almost all of Nina’s life) I feel totally at peace that all will be well, that we can trust totally in God.

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