Unexpected blessings

Life is a funny thing.  Last week I was posting about how awful it was in Alice Springs at the moment but this last week has been very blessed.  With tops of about 32 and lows of 18 it’s been truly delightful to be outdoors again during the day and snuggling up with a blanket at night.  Not normal for this time of year at all.

I have also had some unexpected news on the job front.  After the interviews I was feeling pretty confident about the teaching job.  One of the people interviewing me practically offered me the job and was talking to me like I had it saying things like, “you will sit here” etc.  The shelter job I enjoyed the interview but was feeling less confident.  I knew they needed people but they were interviewing lots of people too so was unsure.  On Tuesday the teaching job called to say I didn’t get the job.  There was part of me that was kind of relieved I hadn’t particularly wanted it but it felt pretty awful.  I felt a bit silly for assuming I had it, I felt a bit worried as I wasn’t sure I’d get the other one and I also just hate the feeling of rejection.  Thankfully on Wednesday the shelter called to offer me a job so pretty quickly felt less worried and a bit better.  This outcome was not what I expected but I am pretty happy about it.  Now I don’t have to make a choice between the two and  really feel working at the shelter is good fit for me right now.

I have also been teaching this week with Batchelor again.  I was pretty anxious about it but it turned out to be a lovely week of teaching and really restoring for me.  I had been feeling like I really didn’t like teaching and was terrible at it for a few months so it was good to have a positive experience.  I also was pretty burnt by the organisation but it was actually lovely to be there in that environment.  Then my old boss offered me a two day per week job. Nothing confirmed and I think I would still find working with her very challenging but the job itself sounds like a good fit for me and two days isn’t a lot of time and it means I could do it and work at the shelter as well.  It feels like a good opportunity to keep my foot in the door there while I work out what I really want to be doing.  Not sure what I will do but I feel blessed to have some options.  Nothing starts until April when I return so I have time to sit with it.

Life is a constant reminder to me that we don’t ever really know what will happen but I do feel God’s presence very strongly with me in all this.

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