I can’t believe I have sat here all day and achieved nothing. Well I can’t really say nothing but not very much, well in regards to my assessment. Computers have become the ultimate aiders in procratination, to highlight my point I will write about my day.

So I sit down to write my assessment but first I just had to check my emails quickly, so I open up the net and there is the Sydney morning herald site, justy a quick read and then a long one, not that the royal wedding really interests me but you know I have to stay informed. Then I get to my emails, just to check and then to reply to the important ones and then you know the less important ones. Now it is time for a quick cuppa. I come back I decide njo I will read this time so I star reading but soon my eyes are feeling heavier adn heavier and the next minute I am sound asleep. Wake up, great it is lunch time, I go and eat food and then Hannah comes home so I have to say hi, of course and then watch some childrens television, you know as I am really not getting enough of it living here. Come back upstairs and start typing all is going well but soon I need a another cuppa and cigarette break. Come back sit down and remember that a great quote I readon the net but where so I start searching soon I find myself reading all my friends blogs and now here I am, I have no idea, really how it happened.

But I now I really have to go and study, well that is after another quick ciggarette break and cuppa………

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