How slack have I been

Wow I have been so slack in blogging, I don’t know what’s been going on as I do so like it, really I do.

Well I guess the first thing to say is that I am feeling a little bit better since that previous entry, I mean I think I will probably have more days of feeling like that but I don’t think it will be a permanent state of being.

Second thing to say is that Martin is going to Lima tommorrow to put in our application, that is so exciting, stage three entered, it is such a relief to be moving. Please pray for us however you may do it.

Third thing to mention, well I don’t really know if thre is a third thing, maybe I will just quote something from “pedagogy of the oppressed” that I really like. Itis so great when you are reading uni books that are often so dull and so you know uni ish and you find something real and passionate.

“I am more and more convinced that true revolutionaries must percieve the revolution because of its creative and liberating nature, as an act of love. Dialogue also can not exist without a profound love for the world and for humans (he said men but I am changing it). Because love is an act of courage not of fear love is committment to others. No matter where the oppressed are found, the act of love is committment to their cause – the cause of liberation. And this committment because it is loving is dialogical.

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