I found a really cool quote in one of my readers about doubt and teaching.

Does ddoubt make us ‘better’ teachers? I think now that a safer way to put this is that it might make us braver teachers, more risk taking, more modest in our self conception; that we might admit our own doubtm our own difficulty, uncertainty, and error; that we might take ourselves less seriously, while taking education very seriously indeed. I leave it to you to decide if that is another way of saying better.

3 thoughts on “Doubt

  1. I think its quite hard to learn from other people if you don’t have doubts yourself. And I think that’s valuable, because I reckon you learn more when you are challenged by other people.

  2. In India the school kids asked questions by saying “Miss I have a doubt.”

    The best education experiences I have had in university have been with academics who have been interested in learning more themselves. Who were open to futher exploration on the part of the students and listened to what they had to stay.

  3. Thou shall not doubt thy self, only to seek a answer to a question which truly lies beyond our self to seek the knowledge of the question and to find a answer to which we truly can not see or understand,thus we doubt those questions or opinions or judgements which we seek and to truly find a answer in for & of ourself within those doubts.

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