I have been meaning to write this post for about two weeks now but I knew it would be a long one (therefore anyone who’s not up to it can stop reading now) and I have not really had the energy to sit and do that. But then yesterday Jane said to me that I needed to write a long post for her to read and I told her that I had this long one coming and then she said that I should write a post about obedience which we had been talking about and I was shocked as that is exactly the post that I had been thinking about writing.

Okay so obedience who would ever have thought that I would ever wite a post about obedience. Certainly not be I hear the word and I put my guards up but that is the theme that was spoken about in church last week and it also the theme that came up in the book I was reading so I thought that I had best engage it.

So I found myself reading my bible. I was reading Galantians, Ephesiuns and Phillipians and I noted that Paul was giving lots of directions on how to live (as he does) and I thought that I would write them all down. So this is what I wrote:

trust in God who lavishly provides his prescence
be sensitive and kind
serve one another in love
live freely animated lives
don’t seek repetitve, loveless and cheap sex
have affection for others
be exuberant about life
stick with things, be committed
have compassion in your heart
don’t force your way in life
stay convicted to holiness
direct energy wisely
live creatively
forgvingly restore others
remember you may need forgiveness also
don’t criticise
stoop down and reach out to those who are oppressed and share their burdens
make careful exploration of who you are
know your journey and work and sink yourself into it
don’t be impressed with yourself
don’t compare yourself with others -just take responsibilty for doing your creative best
be mature
enter into generous common life with other
share the good things you have and the experiences
don’t be mislead
don’t allow yourself to get fatigued by doing good
don’t boeast for anything but the cross
tear down walls between people
treat people as equals
walk the road that God calls you to travel with humility and discipline
steadily pour out yourselves to eachother
stay together but don’t be the same – remember out of genorsity Christ has given us our own gifts
take your lead from Christ
don’t go along with the crowd
don’t become obsessed with er
sex and perversions
tell the truth to yourself and other
allow yourself to be angry but don’t use your anger as fuel for revenge. And don’t stay angry forever.
get an honest job and help others work
watch the way you talk – say only what helps, each word as a gift
be gentle
be intimate with God
don’t be cautous with love but be extrvagant with it as Chrst was and don’t expect anything back
free yourself from gossip
make the most of every chance you get
don’t drink too much wine
sing prises to God at any chance you get
don’t abuse your body do what your parents tell you
don’t just don what you have to but go the extra mile
pray for eachother
be willinh to also suffer
be deep spirited friends’don’t push your way to the front but help other get ahead
be energetice
give up your earthly credentials and trust in God
don’t take the easy risk free path but stay focused on the goal
make it clear to those you meet that you are on their side and not against them
don’t worry – pray
fill your minds with things that are true, authentic, compelling and gracious
celebrate God
receiev and experience the amazing grace of Jesus deep, deep within you
allow God to shower his grace and kindness upon you.

And I have to say that is not all of them but I had to cut it as I need to go to church now. But anyway I don’t know about you but for me after reading that list obedience to God didn’t seem like somthing I wanted to put my bac about against but something exciting and fun and altogether wonderful.

8 thoughts on “Obedience

  1. Thanks Mil. Obedience is something I’ve been thinking about too. One of the John letters talks about “walking in love”. When you think about it, it really is radical teaching.

  2. For me it relates to obedience in that so often we are told that we need to be obedient to our parents or to God simply because they are our parents or He is God. That never sat well with me.

    Or the assumprtion is that Christinaity or following God is boring, painful and inhibits our freedom. That was not my experience.

    These directions given by Paul, have a reason beyond just because God can and following them wouldn’t lead to a boring or inhibited life at all but an incredible life. Not one without pain but one lived to the fullest. I feel if we all lived this way the world would be a much better place.

    I haven’t expressed that very well but I hope you get what I am saying.

  3. Also, I was using the Message which I know some people may think is hippy Bible that is not really correct but I actually think that by putting it in everyday, colloquial language rather than the traditional, upper class language we actually get closer to the original feel and intent.

  4. Actually Jem and I have been talking for some years about having a personal manifesto after she made a design manifesto. I think that perhaps I could just use this list as it covers perhaps all that I feel are the most important essentials to strive towards. So wonderful…

    You might never get this comment because it is all the way later in May…but never mind…

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