I was not going to tell anyone this as I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it and I thought it might be bragging or something but hey it’s my blog which is keeping a record of my life so I can. Not to mention the more people that know the more people to keep me accountable so here we go. For lent I have decided to not drink alcohol at home. I know that sounds rather lame in some ways and really I should just give it up all together but truth probably is I don’t want to do that and I don’t know if I see that is necessary. The reason I want to give it up is so I can use the time when I get home to pray or meditate or something rather than drink and really just be more present to my home. I am obviously not going to be doing that when out so I feel I can have a drink. Although I have not used my time as effectively as I can but well there is still time and I do feel better.

I have also joined the not buying anything new group. I love the idea. I think it is so great and the idea of going on after lent excites me but again I don’t know if I can. However Martin bought a new camera and given that you know my money is his money and his money is my money does that mean I bought it too. I also really like and was excited about him buying it. It is very cool you should all see it. On the other hand I can’t force him to do it (and I don’t want to if that is not his choice) and I don’t really want to separate everything so what can I do.

2 thoughts on “Lent

  1. I used your fantastic obedience blog as the “bible spot” reflection in our briefing at CAPP on Wednesday. Everyone found it enriching!

  2. I might do that with you Mil. Maybe we should just buy a cask of really bad wine, like the white we have the fridge. I’ve never even felt vaguely tempted to drink that.

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