Good news!!

I forgot to mention in the last post that we have some really, really, really good news. Teresa’s (who I wrote about a couple of weeks back) daughter Paola may have been found. A couple of weeks ago Martin’s dad, who used to be a police officer talked to someone he knew who is quite high up the ranks in the force and the other day he called to say that he has found her. Teresa (or no one she knows) has seen her yet so I guess I have to wait until then to confirm it but it is looking pretty good. Seems pretty crazy that Teresa can spend 5 months searching all over the country and begging the police and anyone to help her and gets nowhere and then someone else can make a phone call and a month later there she is but I guess that’s how it works. Anyway enough of that I am just so grateful that she may be back with her mum soon. Thanks to everyone who prayed.

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