Martin’s Home

Martin got home today. I went to the airport at 9 to get him but he didn’t walk out until about 10:10 so I was very excited by then. We came home and had breakfast with David and Ryan and then we spent the rest of the day just hanging out at home, it was nice. Lots of talks about Peru and more talks about life and what we are going to for the next stage of it. No real answers yet but certainly some ideas are coming to the front more than others. And hey I am enjoying the process. In the late afternoon we finally managed to get out of the house and we went to the fish market, bought some fish and made ceviche. Ceviche is my favourite Peruvian dish so I am looking forward to it. It is just soaking now and we will eat it later. Martin is also having a nap. About half an hour ago he just crashed but I am hoping I will be able to get him up in an hour or so for dinner.

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