Very, Very Exciting News

Last night something amazing happened.  I am very excited.  Can you guess what it is?

Nina slept through the night!  She went to sleep around 7pm and woke up at 6.30am.  It was amazing.  That’s the first full nights sleep that I have had in 15 months.  And I don’t think she could have timed it better really.  I was so exhausted yesterday.  Martin has been working as a bush regenerator again this week so he has had to leave early and gets back very late and I am not really used to that.

She is probably very tired from all the stair climbing that she has been doing.  She is up and down the Frenchs steps all day.  Thankfully their steps are very child safe.  Her obsession with steps was much more stressful when we went to Tom’s place and when we were on the train.  And there were also the very, very hard steps at the cafe I was in with Marlene.

Unfortunately parenting isn’t always totally linear so I am trying to keep in check that I will now be sleping through every night but one full night does make a difference.

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