Blue Mountains Time

For those wondering Nina didn’t sleep through again last night but that’s okay.  I wasn’t really expecting it would be that easy.  We are all having a nice time in the mountains though.  Gem and Jem have a lovely home and they and their lovely housemates have been very hospitable to us.  Nina is really enjoying some auntie time and so am I.  Martin and I had a little nap together this arvo while they cared for her.

I am missing Alice tonight.  Martin called Libby tonight and just hearing her voice through his phone made me long to be there.  And my mum wrote a post about how Mallie prepared her a little meal on the night we left to try to cheer her up.  This post reminded me of the big and small ways our lovely little community on Honeymoon Gap cares for each other in hard times.

Saying goodbye sure is hard.  I am dreading it all the farewells still to go……

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