Job Hunting in Peru part II

For those of you who might be wondering Martin didn’t get the job at the municipality.  According to the results he had the best resume but didn’t do so well in the interview.  Well how could he have if they only asked to unrelated questions.  It’s a bit disappointing for us but more than that we feel frustrated for Chulucanas.  How are things going to move forward with such a faulty system?

I still haven’t heard anything from the uni in Chulu but will be doing some weekend work with the university in Piura as of March 03.

We continue to try to meet with people from various projects about how we can be involved but no one seems to have any clear way forward.

The conversation continues about how long we will be able to stay and what we will do.

No photos again today.  Maybe I should try to just do a weekly post of highlights.  I am struggling to make it happen everyday.

2 thoughts on “Job Hunting in Peru part II

  1. Oh I am sorry Mil and Martin, that sounds so incredibly frustrating and disappointing.

    The photos are great but no pressure to put them up, when you can!

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