So gorgeous

Nina will be 18 months in 10 days and I have to say this age is just so cute at the moment as you can see from this.

She’s really starting to communicate and understand things.  Although there is still much she can’t communicate and doesn’t understand which frustrates her immensely and she gets very cross and we are starting to have minor tantrums that I am sure will get bigger.

She is also able to show a lot of affection for us which is really nice.  She will often come up to us in the middle of the day and say “hugs” or give us kiss.  When we go to the plaza and we often bend down with arms outstretched and she will run across the plaza laughing to give us a big hug.  It makes me so happy.  And Martin too.  Here they are, still very much in love with each other.

She is eating really well and I am sure she is putting on weight fast  Her favourite foods are bread and broccoli.  I know the bread will please her pa and the broccoli will please her nanna.  In the mornings here a man rides around with his cart of freshly baked bread.  When Nina hears his horn she gets very excited and says “pan, pan” (bread, bread).

Her favourite game is hiding things and then asking “donde esta” (where is it).  When you show her she says “alli esta”  She can play tha for a very long time which is good in waiting rooms.  She also got given her first doll by her abuelita and she likes to push it round in its stroller.  The other day I even saw hr trying to share her pan with her doll.

She is still an outdoors girl and loves our trips to the plaza or the park or the mountains or the pool. Here she is at the pool.

She is also very friendly and says “hola” to most people we meet on the street.  Although in general she really only likes to be held by Martin and I.

She loves to look at her photo album before bed and she knows most people although not consistently.  After Bitta, Hannah would be the person she recognises most consistently.  It is very cute when we ask, “who’s that?’ and she says Hannah.  Her favourite bed time book is still ten little fingers and ten little toes.

She sleeps pretty well most nights with only one wake between 7pm and 6am (approx).  She is also consistently napping for 50 mins although sometimes it is even 1hour and 20 mins.  Oh how I love those days.  It takes a long while to get her off to sleep though which I would like to lessen.

She likes Skype especially with her nanna.  When Martin and I get out the computer she always says, “nanna”.  I don’t get the comp out much in front of her now as it makes me feel sad to tell her we are not going to talk to nanna.

She still loves to climb on everything.  In fact she has a bit of a radar for anything dangerous so we still have to watch her all the time which is exhausting.  But despite how tiring she is I am grateful everyday for our wonderful Nina and that she is in general a happy healthy girl.  Here she is climbing on the statues at the park.