Not that my opinion really matters but here it is.

In Australia I tended to follow politics fairly closely and usually found it quite interesting. Thus I was surprised at how quickly I stopped caring about Australian politics after I got to Peru. Even though I don’t live there I would have thought I would continue to be interested as I am from there and will return there some day. I have tried reading a few things but it just doesn’t grab me.  I guess even in this global word we are always more taken by our immediate surroundings.  Although I am not fully on top of Peruvian politics as yet, like Australian politics it seems also to be filled with broken promises, back stabbing, patronising one liners for the media, limited focus beyond the next election etc etc although on a larger scale.

However, even I have followed the events of the last few days. Probably not as closely as I would have there but it did grab my interest. I have always had a soft spot for Kevin Rudd and have been very impressed by many things he has done as foreign minister so was hoping he would win but it never looked likely. And either way it is not looking good for Labor at the next election. Not that I particularly like Labor but I really, really don’t like Liberal right now. Tony Abbott as prime minister is scary for anyone in Australia who gives a damn about other human beings.

I think what Australia needs is some new parties. Here in Peru, each election pretty much, there is a choice between a wide range of parties some older parties, some newer. They are all mostly corrupt as hell, and if they aren’t going in to the election they certainly seem to become corrupt fairly soon after it if they win, so I am not necessarily saying we should mimic Peruvian politics but I still like the idea of some more options.

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