Big Week

It’s been a pretty big week for me.

Firstly, Martin and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on the 2nd.  We usually do something for our anniversary but this year we didn’t I guess having a baby makes it a lot harder to go away or even go out.  I am proud of us though. Over the last seven years we we have shared so much, grown so much, laughed so much, been to amazing places, fought a bit too but have always forgiven each other, danced, ate, prayed and hoped together for so much.  I love Martin more now than ever.  He truly is a gentle, gorgeous and loving husband and now the most amazing father to our beautiful baby girl.  I could not parent her without him.

The night of our anniversary I experienced my first “tremor.  It was pretty weird really and a bit scary although by the time I realised what was happening it was pretty much over .  At first I thought it was just a big truck driving by but then it got  stronger.  It was probably quick but it felt long to me.  Nothing happened in the end but everyone has been talking about it.

I also started a job teaching English at a local primary school.  It has been very hard work.  I am very grateful for a long weekend.  Kids are full on.  But I think I will enjoy it once I settle in and get used to it.  Not to mention it’s just a really nice way to be in the community a bit more.  I keep bumping into kids around town and I like that.  Nina is going to the daycare at the school.  She always cries when we leave her and I find that really hard but by the time I get back three hours later she seems to be having a fun time and already it seems to be helping her separate from Martin and I a bit more.  She’s much happier to go to others now than she’s been since we got here.

In regards to our other projects we are still waiting.  The hospital is now telling me they are concerned if they give me access everyone will want it.  I think I may have put them off side by questioning a few things eg routine episiotomies and why a baby needs to be weighed before it’s first feed etc.  Martin as well is still waiting for a meeting with the municipality re: his compost project but again despite a number of phone calls they keep putting him off. Not sure what the issue is but to be honest they are corrupt as hell and totally inept at the municipality. They really seem to not want to move forward.  I feel a bit sad about it.  Everyone keeps telling us how great these projects are and how good they’d be for Chulucanas but the powers that be don’t seem to want anything to change.  I keep praying but I don’t really know what else to do.  Both of us feel a little bit like we can’t call anymore.  It’s just a bit humiliating now.  Maybe that’s a cop out but they know we are here, keen and able and they have our numbers….

Thankfully, we are still enjoying been here and hanging out with family in our community and these are the things that are really important things I suppose.


2 thoughts on “Big Week

  1. Mil, leadership and making changes is never going to be easy. It is never going to happen without a fight and people always are invested in keeping the status quo. So, my encouragment is keep pushing just a little more. Keep envisioning with people, asking question and having the conversations. I wish you guys could do the New River Leadership Intensive. It is so great at making clear some of the anxieties that happen when people are asked to change and ways we can manage people through it. Not that you guys aren’t amazing and aware and all that. Its just you are being thrusted right in the middle of leadership stuff and that is never straight forward. But don’t give up yet hey. love you lots and lots.

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