I love long weekends

I had such a good weekend, I think all weekends should be three days (not that, that i a very original idea so I will just shut up about that).

On Friday I went to the complex and hung out for awhile, I got a mobile, yes I finally succumbed to the temptation and I am not sure if I am going to put the number here, I don’t think I will, you know it’s just a bit, I don’t know dodgy putting my phone number on the internet but everyone has to ask me for it so I feel like I have friends. Anyway it’s a pretty ugly phone but it does lots of cool stuiff and it was a good deal, free and that’s always good.

On Saturday I spoke to Martin as always and it was lovely. God I wish he was here and then Jo and I went shopping for Kaias engagement present. I HATE WESTFIELD but we had a really nice lunch and talk in BLU sothatw as good. Saturday night I watched The Shawshank redemption, believe it or not it was the first time. Great film. All about hope in hopeless situations and joy in the simplicity of life. I am all about those things, especially hope and there is a very special person in my life called hope.

Sunday was Kaia and Marks engagement. It was a beautiful afternoon in Wahroonga park and very relaxing, lots of talking. YAY again for Kaia and Mark. I had never met Mark before and although we didn’t really talk he seemed like a good guy and really in love with Kaia and that is the most important thing. On Sunday I went to Micahel adn Alexis house. It was very stressful getting there, it always is with my family but I don’t feel like going into that, it just sux though when things happen that really rub it in your face that your parents are divorced. I guess I am lucky as it doesn’t happen often, my parents are pretty good with eachother most of the time but this weekend they weren’t. But despite the stress we had a really good night.

On Monday we visited Steve and Mim. That was good adn they seem really well. I like spending time with other passionate people. After that we went to kattomba and the three sisters. I think Australia rocks, hahahah threes sisters rocks (that was not intentional).

Well with jokes like that I have to go but I think the highlight of the weekend was Jo French, lots of Jo is always good.

It’s done.

I haven’t written on my blog for awhile, I’ve been naughty but now I should be able to write more because I have sent of all the stuff for Martins visa. Yay I am so happy that it is finally done I feel like a huge wait has been lifted off my shoulders. I was also starting to feel a bit stagnant, like I wasn’t getting any closer to the day that he would be here and now I feel like yes we are getting somewhere again. I mean it still has to arrive to him which could take a week or so and then he has to send it to Santiago and I don’t know how long that will take and then we wait for them to actually process it all and that will be a long time, you know one of the strong points of bueracies is not speed, actually I don’t know if they have any strong points but the point is we have entered stage two and that is good.

I am feeling quite positive about it all at the moment, I mean there is no way that they won’t believe us, well there is a way but with all the stuff that we have it would be hard not to. I kind of feel also that if you are being honest and doing things the right way it has to work or what is the point of the system. I also believe in love and the power of it. You know this may be a little off the subject but I believe that Jesus’ only power was love, all those miracles were done and that death survived because of love, not because he was some supernatural being with mysterious powers, he was just a human with an extraordinary and miracle making power and that was love. I hope that if one is acting in love and filled with it then maybe things happen even if they seem really difficult and impossible.

I love my friends.

David, thank you for fixing my computer and listening to me winge. You are very clever and that is a good thing.

Ryan, Jem and Chris thanks for coming round tonight and taking me out when I was feeling low and talking to me it was great.

Robert and Tom, thanks for always saying welcome when I come home. I like living with you.

Jo thanks for always listneing and writing that stat dec and reading my statement, it is nice that people are interested.

Annie, thanks for parying for me even if you don’t entirely agree with everything.

Jane and John thanks for letting me live me live in your house

Anmol thanks for always writing comments on my blog

Kaia thaks for being exited about coming to see me soon, I am excitd to see you.

Well everyone else has done it

01. first name: emily
02. were you named after anyone? no but I believ my mother wanted to call her first daughter Emily Rose since she was a teenager.
03. do you wish on stars? no
04. which finger is your favorite? Never thought about I guess thumbs are useful but the little fingers are kind of cute.
05. when did you last cry? I don’t cry, I work out I have hobbies. no that’s not true I never work out and I cry all the time, I think I got teary last night but the last time I really cried was the 7th of March, on my kitche floor into mothers lap.
06. do you like your handwriting? Yeah, it’s okay, a little big and I wish that I wrote a little bit faster.
07. what is your favorite lunch meat? Meat is not really my things.
08. any bad habits? About 100, I guess smoking is the most obviuos one and the least confrontational.
09. what’s in your cd player right now? Nora Jones, unless Robert or Tom changeed it which is quitepossible
10. do you believe in soul mates? No
11. are you a daredevil? Not at all, I never really understood the fun in scaring the shitof yourself.
12. have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell? I think so. but not for along time and I don’t think it was anything important.
13. do looks matter? I would like to say no but I think they do
14. have you ever misused a word and it sounded absolutely stupid? Yes, but if you try to learn another language it will happen to you too.
15. do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? No
16. do fish have feelings? I really don’t know.
17. are you trendy? Not really but I am not un trendy either.
19. where are your second homes? frenches, well it’smy first home at the moment and I guess Koky and Cesar’s in Peru.
20. do you trust others easily? Yes, I figure that is better to trust someone who in the end didn’t deserve your trust than to not trust someone who did.
21. what was your favorite toy as a child? blue bear, mind you if I had have had one of those cookie monsters that hannah has that would have been my favourite.
22. what class in school do you think is totally useless? For me personally it was probably computers or science or german, I don’t think I went to any of those classes, mind you with a bit of hindsight I am really regretting that, my blog could be more so much more attractive or I could have spoken to some people when I was in Germany. So I actually don’t think they are inherently useless, in fact I dony learning is inherently useless but I have tosay as I ma studying education.
23. do you have a journal? Yes I have heaps but I don’t write in them much now that I blog.
24. do you use sarcasm a lot? Someone once said that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, I don’t know if that is true but if it is then I have very low wit.
25. have you ever been in a mosh pit? yes it was quite fun.
26. what do you look for in a boy/girl? Someone who I respect and respects me, someone who listens, someone who has similar interests and passions and beliefs as me, someone who is kind, gentle, confident and independent, someone who is not jealous, someone who makes me laugh.
27. what are your nicknames? mil, chicha and in school people called me flash (and no it’s not what you thihnk)
28. would you ever bungee jump? I don’t think so.
29. do you untie your shoes when you take them off?I don’t tie my laces when I put them on.
30. do you think that you are strong? No.
31. what’s your favorite ice cream flavor? passionfruit or lemon sorbet.
32. what’s your favorite color(s)? purple. read the book.
33. what is your least favorite food? Meat.
34. how many wisdom teeth do you have? 2 but they are still coming down.
35. are you in love with anyone? Yes.
36. how many people have a crush on you right now? A couple of my students from the hightschool had crushes on me but I think they’d be over that by now. Martin loves me, is that included as a crush.
37. who do you miss most right now? I miss so many people, so deeply right now, all my friends and the kids in Peru but I guess the person who I miss most is Martin though I think you all knew that. It’s been three months now since I have seen him.
38. do you want everyone you send this to, to send it back? I think they already have.
39. what are you wearing? Ugg boots, jeans and a brown baggy jumper, how happy am I to be wearing these things.
40. what are you listening to right now? The birds and the boys (tom and robert) but i can’t really hear what they are saying.
what has become of 41?
42. what was the last thing you ate? A caramello koala (thanks Tom)
43. if you were a crayon, what color would you be? Red, I would like to red.
44. how is the weather right now? Tempremental,one minute it is blue and sunny the next minute it is overcast.
45. who is the last person you talked to on the phone? Chris Simpson but he was ringing for Tom so then Matt.
46. first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Prescence. Colouring, I sound like rascist and smile.
47. …?
48. how are you today? To be honest a little bit low, not very low but not high either. You know like an almost hangover, just a little bit wrong and disorientated.
49. favorite drink? I would say wine but that’s the next questionRed wine, earl grey tea and lemon lime and bitters
50. favorite alcoholic drink? Red wine.
51. favorite sports? soccer
52. hair color?light brown maybe a tinge of blonde
53. eye color? light brown, maybe a little hazel
54. do you wear contacts? no
and now my sweet 55….
56. what is your favorite month? December
57. favorite food? Laksa
58. last movies you watched? Starsky and Hutch
59. favorite day of the year? I don’t know I like Christmas
60. are you too shy to ask someone out?
62. summer or winter? Summer
63. hugs or kisses? I can’t decide they’tre both great
64. relationships or one-night stands? DFINITELY RELATIONSHIPS
65. do you want your friends to write back? I would like some comments
66. who is most likely to respond? I don’t know wjo will be reading adn I think those who want to do it already have.
67. who is least likely to respond? Gemma Hayes
someone stole 68,
69. what books are you reading? The road less travelled and Passionate marriage, I guess you can tell what I ma tyhinking about and if you are like Tom and you can’t it is marriage.
70. favorite song? I want a top five, and these aren’t in any order 1. With or without you, U2 2. Fast car, Tracaey Chapman, 3 Colour Blind, Counting Crows 4 He watches over you, Sons of Korah 5romeo and Juliet, Dire Straits
71. favorite board game? scrabble
72. what did you watch on tv last night? Nothing
73. favorite smells? Gardenias and fresh bread and red wine and Martins aftershave.
74. what is your most embarrassing cd on the shelf? I don’t know if I have a shelf, I mean most of the Cds are Keiths.
75. if you were another person, would you be friends with you? I hope so.
76. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? Should I go to work today? I thinks so because it is only ___ days till the weekend when I can sleep in.
77. how valuable do you consider your time? Well I don’t have much of it…..

I have computer rage.

The other morning on nova they were asking the question “what rage do you have” and I have slow computer rage, all the computers in my life are slow, the ones at work and the one here. I also have

blunt pencil rage
womens magazines rage
people who manipulate other people rage
losing my wallet and diary in the one week rage
people who complain about slow service when they have no idea when and where and which doctor they want to see and then make you hold the phone for five minutes while they look for their diary, when they are ringing to make an apptointment rage
immigration dept rage

and I probably have rage at the fact I have to many rages. So what’s your rage?


I really want to go church but if I go to church I have to catch the train in and I really don’t want to catch the train in so I don’t think I am going to go which is a shame as it is probably the only time I don’t have to get up and go to work in the morning but really going all the way to Kings Crosss and back on the train is too much especially late at night and especially on Easter Sunday when there will be less trains running. But I want to go and if I go home there is not very much I can do there. I mean I could do some study but I have been studying all day and I am sick of that. Well all day is not entirely true but have done a fair bit and in general a fair bit over this long weekend so I don’t really feel like doing that at all. So I might as well go.

i love cityrail part two

“By the way for the passenger that just got on at Wynyard, it is polite to say thank you when someone reopens the door for you, especially if they’re not supposed to. Sorry I am just human.”

Yes it is true, this is the message that I heard over the loud speaker on the train today coming back from uni. I thought that was great, except she shouldn’t have said, sorry I am just human, she should have said. I am human. I wish that people would stop apologising for been just human, when they say something that is important to them, they should pronounce that they are saying thsi because they are human and it is important and they are proud.

I had an okay day today, I went to work and that was the usual adn thhen I went to the hairdressers before uni, it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing as it was cheap and I felt sick of my hair. It was a good experience though which is unusual as I usually hate going to teh hairdresser, I find they are always really pretensious and nasty to the apprentces but today wasn’t like that. He was an iranian guy who did not speak much english, well enough but not great and I asked him if he thought Australians wereracist, he did not understand racist so I aked if people were nice to him or were they bad when he idn’t speak good english and he said “no not at all, Australian people are always trying to help me and they are very understanding.” This gave me so much hope for Martin, maybe it won’t be so bad after all. However I think it is a bad haircut. Mind you neither Robert or Tom noticed it when I got home so it can’t be that bad.

I saw my old friend from school Brianna on the train today, it was good. I like her, she may be one of the very few of my friends who I actually have anything in common with now that we have left school. I gave her my number, I hope that she calls as I would really like to see her again but I am not sure if she will, I mean she seemed happy to see me but she is a little bit, I don’t really know how describe but not the kind of person who I think will call.

Uni wasn’t so good, everybody just started winging about how bad the ubi systems and tafe systems in this country are and I thought and I know that you are all sick of hearing me say this and are saying “oh mil, the socialist is at it again” but really the ubiversities of Peru spent months on strike last year, months and then went back with about a $1 pay rise and there is no HECS so if you can’t pay now, you can’t go and they are not even that good, you have the choice of about five subjects and that’s it. I mean I just wish people here could appreciate wht they had, so I said that and I got in return, “yes but this is a first world country” I liked that you know, we are so far ahead of third world countries now that we don’t even bother comparing, we just have to compare with other first world countries, now we really areliving in two worlds.

Not going to work is good.

I didn’t go to work today and it was good. Fridas once a month I have an RDO to go uni and today was it. I spent the morning sleeping as I got home very late. I had gone to Streetwize tlast night and when it fifnished I had coffee with Fuzz, actually we didn’t drink coffee, it is funny how you always say we had coffee, when you didn’t drink coffee and what is even funnier is the way we ‘do’ coffee now, not drink it of have it but ‘do’ it. What exactly does that mean? Well that is off the track a bit but anway we had apple juices and salads and after I went into the Cross and had a drink with Gemma and Matt. Well because Iwas been so careful not to drink and drive we satyed for a long time so I wouldn’t be over and we got back to the carpark and it was locked so we couldn’t get out so we had to catch a taxi home and I picked the car up after uni today. That was good though as David and I walked from the uni into Darlinghurst adn had no not coffee, though I think that is what I told Gemma when I got home, but potatoes, bruschetta and lemonade. Lots of goodness there.