It’s being a while.

As much as I was enjoying that photo of Chris everytime I logged on to blogfeed, I think it is time for an updaye for an update. I think I may do a list for the month of May I find them kind of fun.

Firstly it got cold.
Julie, my boss left which is very sad. I really like her and she inspires so much. Not to mention that she wrote I seek your face. I will have to invie her for dinner some time if I am not too shy. I wrote a speech that didn’t come out as well as I would have liked, but others said that it was okay.
Tear had an event where some Chilean musicians played. I have fallen in love with their music. We also spent some time with them in coffee shops late at night speaking Spanish. It was fun and they were great.
After three months in the house we manged to discuus what is community. I discussed the same theme at a team leaders meeting for Rough Edges. Some things that came up: time, vulnerability, a gathering space, giving and taking.
Moved to the Chatswood office for work. I am still loving the job but I have had some difficult volunteers. The Chatswood Office has a window and I think I have decorated it pretty nicely but I do miss Lewisham. It was so close and being the Vinnies State Council it was pretty active too.
My dad went to Germany without telling me. I am a bitn upset about it but hey what can you do.
I did a Spanish presentation on Ollanta Humala, one of the candidtes in the Peruvian elections. It was very interesting. I have to pray for Peru. I really hope that whoever gets in will be honest, intelligent and passionate and help the country.
I saw Candy which was full on but pretty good. Some local scenes which is always fun.
I have hurt my back which is not fun. A mix of not enough exercise, a badly made bed, some tension and not sitting properly at work I guess.
Gary and Frank had an intention to committment party. It was a wonderful party. Up there with our house warming, I reckon. Yay for them.

I like doing that as I said at the beginning it makes me feel like I have a really interesting life and reminds me to be greateful.

This time will pass.

Feeling a bit low to be honest. I think it is the combination of not really being able to shake this silly cold that just goes on and on mixed with the fact that it is looking like Martin’s brother is not going to be able to come to Australia, my grandfather is very sick, somehow we seem to have found ourselves in a little bit of debt again when I wanted to have saved money and I am very much missing Peru again. I have not missed Peru this much for ages. I mean I often think about it and I look forward to being there again some day and seeing the people I love but today I am filled with a strong ache for it that is weighing heavily on my heart.

I am thinking about that cartoon by Luenig that has a man sitting on a park bench staring sadly into the ground and next to it he has written something like this situation will chang, this time will pass”. As always they are very simple but wise words.


Jemma and Jo have put lots of little quotes and poems and pictures all around our house and I really love them. It is very exciting to come home and find some new words of wisdom or something pretty on the wall. So yesterday I started putting up some of my own and I am very excited by them. I put up a blessing and a Luenig (of course) and John Coleman’s song “Bless this house” that we sung at the wedding and the first night that we lived here. Each time I walk past I get warm, fuzzy feeling.

Today I put up the song “I seek you face.” I seek your face is like my favourite worship song ever and the other day I found out that my boss wrote it. It turns out that she used to work and live in the Kings Cross area and wrote it during that time. I knew her name sounded familiar. I was very excited by that too. I put up some faces around it. Martin said I should put up George Bush’s face and I said no but later I thought that would be probably be good as there is a line in the song that goes, “in the enemy I despise, in the hatred I can’t hide, Jesus I seek you, I seek your face”. I reckon if I could learn to see Jesus in him I would probably be able to find Jesus in anyone.

Very difficult though…….