A little dream come true.

About ten years ago I first saw the vagina monologues. I loved them. Lea Purcell was as in it and two other fantastic women. I loved the monologues so much I bought the script. Over the years I have occasionally thought I would love to perform these one day but never really thought much about it.

Then about a week ago Libby saw a sign asking if anybody would like to be involved. She told me about it but I said I didn’t really have the time and wasn’t really good enough anyway. Libby rung anyway and went along and found about it. It turns out that the women involved are just local women and no one is a professional at all. It is really low key and each person only has to perform one.

I think I have time to perform one so I went and met the woman yesterday. She was lovely and really encouraging. I am very excited about it.

Friend Crush

I have such a friend crush on my new friend Rosie. She was the midwife who was at Nina’s birth. She wasn’t the midwife who did all the prenatal and postnatal care but because the labour was so long my midwife had to leave and she came on for the last 5 hours or so. Anyway, we all thought she was so great and I have been hoping to bump into her ever since. I was very excited when I discovered that we had a number of mutual friends.

Then one night at a party Carney met her and she told her that I really wanted to be her friend. I was so embarassed that I kind of stopped wanting to bump into her. Finally, we did though out at Ellery Creek a few weekends back. We got chatting and Carney came up. I told her how embarassed I was and then she said that she was really happy because she wanted to be my friend too.

So on the weekend I invited her over with a few of our mutual friends. It was a lovely afternoon. Turns out that Rosie is also a vegetarian, was attending a Quaker meeting in Darwin, makes yummy cakes out of vege peels because she hates waste, love love stories and wants to be a hippo so she can lie around in mud all day. How cool is she?

Things I am grateful for….

I woke up this morning and read the Curly Pyjama letter and it has remined me of how very blessed I am. Things I am especially grateful for today:
Ryan and Libby being here and that they love helping out with Nina
Nina slept til 6.30 this morning
a swim in the $11 pool with Malley in the early morning light
Martin and all the love he pours on his family
the temperature has been below 35 degrees for a week
Saturday morning pancakes with the Honeymoon Gap mob