My week in reflection

I know that I have been very slack this last week in regards to blogging it is just that there is no internet at Adriana’s house, which is where we have been living for the past week and where we will be living for the next four weeks, so it is very difficult. It has been an good week, I think….

I handed in one asssessment.
I got given two new ones.
I dressed up in retro to celebrate Libby’s 21st birthday party and danced to a whole Bob Marley CD, Martin was vrey happy.
Gemma came home, Yay.
She gave me a cool outfit from India.
I went to mass, I like communion and I love the choir there.
I went to Monday Club, twice.
We cooked vege nachos there once, someone said it was the best food she had ever eaten.
I watched Andrew Denton, twice and last night was his last for the year, I was very disappointed.
I finally payed for the car insurance, very slack.
I drank chai with Jai, but she was late so it only lasted about 20 minutes, still fun though.
I worked three days, I won’t comment on that, too negative.
I went to a trivia night, $5000 was raised for Hannah’s school.
I actually knew a couple of answers, our team still came like third last though.
I ate brakfast at the Tropicana to celebrate Martin’s one year in Australia. Again too much to say about that to comment.

Well that’s not in order, the whole chronological order thing gets a bit tiring sometimes, but that is some of it anyway.

Reverse Psychology (kind of)

Well I am here at university trying to fill in an hour before I meet Jai for coffee (I mean Chai, yay Chai makes me so happy) and trying to decide if I want to go to Spanish or not. Sorry that is not the way I want to put it, I know I don’t want to go to Spanish but I am trying to decide if I will. It feels silly not to as I am here but I am so tired from being here all day and I just find it so boring, I relly don’t think I could sit through it. I also just read and email from the teacher that was reminding us that we have to attend 80% of class if we want to pass which means we can only have 4 days off and as some us have already had four we bet to be careful as we don’t want any surprises. That email pissed me off so bad for some reason, it was so patronising and rude and as I am not one of the one who has had four days off I have had one I just feel like not going.

Oh the relief.

I am always so relieved when Thursday is over. Thursday is my hard day you see, it’s the day I leave home at 8.15am and I return at 9.45pm. That’s a long day. I am especially relieved today as I had a Spanish test and as always it is great when they are over. Mind you I am not feeling that good about it. It was really hard. I want to learn another language, I am bored with Spanish at the moment, firstly the teacher drives me crazy, she is so boring sometimes I think about scratching my eyes out I am so bored. well maybe not but I am pretty bored. I also think when you first start learning a language you learn so much so fast and it is really fun whereas now I am at a stage where I have totally plateaued out and I feel like I am learning one or two words a week and it’s not really keeping me that motivated. The final reason I want to learn another language is cause well I want to. How cool would it be to be like multilingual it would be great and then I can to communicate with more people.

I have to say though I find language hard, it does not come at all natuarally to me and the idea also in partly freaks me out.

The dance

Ther once was an inventor whose work it was to invent new danced. His aim was to invent the perfect dance, which of course is an impossiblity. At the end of each day, enraged, he would fling his day’s work out onto the street in disgust. The peasants of the town woyld seixe upon these imperfect dances and dance them with great joy and gusto. The invento worked on in earnest deication. Alone. The peasants danced their lives away. Together. And so life goes on.

Leunig, how much do I quote but oh how good is he.