I suck a bit.

I scored four out of seven on the “this is your lifestyle” test which tests my impact on the environment. This means I suck a bit. I guess it could be worse but it certainly could be better.

Global warming makes me feel so anxious. Someone quoted David Suzuki to me the other day who says that we are in a bus hurling towards a brick wall at two hundred kilomertres an hour but no one is doing anything about it. I want to do something about it and I am having shorter showers, turning off lights, mostly buying second hand clothes and I am a vegetarian so that gets me points but it all feels so futile.

I think I may make my new years resolution to get up earlier so that I can catch the train to work when I don’t need to use during work hours. And maybe my next letter to the politicians should be about global warming. I guess that is related to global poverty becasue as with everything it will be the poor who will be most disadvataged by global warming. I think I should stop saying will and say are. Global warming is definitely present and not future.

I need people to keep me accountable to that.

Picnic in the Park.

Martin came and had lunch with me today and we went and had a picnic in the park down the road. It is quite a nice park with perfectly mowed grass and flowers and a fountain in the middle but I never see anyone in it. I think it must be that it is in quite a random spot. Anyway today we were in it. We layed on our picnic rug in the shade and ate lunch in our picnic bowls. It was lovely. I felt kind of like a teenager in love.


I have had some really nice community moments in the last week. It has made me feel good about living in Newtown. I had been feeling a bit unsure about where I wanted to be but the last week has me thinking that maybe I am in the right place for me right now.

Firstly, on Sunday Martin and I went to church at St John’s Glebe. It may be too soon to say this as we have only been once but I think that we may try to make it our church. The people were so open and welcoming and I had some really interesting conversations. It seemed like a diverse group of people young and old with different cultural backgrounds and when I asked one of the ladies I chatted to why she liked it so much she said that it was because of the diversity of rich and poor. She also said that she as a single mother never felt judged there at all and I think that is very important. There was also good liturgy and Geoff is the minister so I am pretty sure that I will be comfortable with the teaching but that it will also challenge me.

On Monday we had our community dinner which was great. I was very anxious that there wasn’t going to be enough food but in the end there was and it was delicious. It was another diverse group of people from the local area and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Yesterday when I got home from work I went and delivered pamphlets for the Greens. A whole bunch got left on our door for someone who used to live there to deliver and I thought it would be a shame for them not to get delivered as I am a bit of a fan of the Greens so I did it. It was good exercise and it made me feel communityish. There is nothing like walking around your neighbourhood and really looking at it that makes you feel part of it.

Later on Jo, Martin and I actually remembered to pray for the community together which I found helpful and then even later on our next door neighbour Amber popped around with some of their very good wine and shortbread in a cute red tin. She stayed for a little while and chatted which was nice. She is very different to us but funny and open and I guess community is about relating to people who are different and don’t necessarily share the same views as you.

A little more politics

I have just spent the morning reading the paper. I have to say it was the first time in a long time that it has not left me feeling very depressed. And with some yummy fair trade coffee from Latin America and pancakes it was an hour well spent.

I was a little unsure yesterday but today I am feeling very sure that Kevin and Julia are going to be good, in fact I reckon I can say awesome. I am going to write him a letter saying congratulations on his win and remind him that he must take a stand against global poverty. I urge everyone to do the same. I was also very excited to see that Hillary Clinton is almost definitely going to run for president of the US and that Hugo Chavez was reelected as the president of Venezuala. I am excited by the prospect of living in a world with Hilary the President of the US, Kevin the Primeminister of Australia and Hugo Chavez the leader of socialist revolution in Latin America. My count shows that Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Cuba all have very socialist leaders and Chile, Argentina and Brazil have almost socialist leaders so it is looking good for some big changes to take place there. It could all go bad but it could also go really well and I chose to be hopeful.

I was however very disappointed that the article that was written on Julia Gillard spent the first five paragraphs talking about her hair and her boyfriend. In fact he got quoted before she did. Why is that whenever a woman gets a high profile position in governement we all have to hear about her hair or shoes or partner before we hear about her policies and what she has to offer. It makes me angry. I think we have become complacent in the face of sexism. Women have made many gains and I don’t want to take away from that. The fact that we have a woman deputy is great but if we still want to read about her hair before profile what does that say? People say that sexism doesn’t exist but I think that this speaks for itself:

“Julia Gillard, one of Labor’s arch headkickers has emerged as deputy leader groomed for the office by her partner, a former hairdresser Tim Mathieson. Until recently Ms Gillard appeared to be less fussy about her hallmark crop of red hair. Yesterday she made her first appearnce as deputy with Mr Mathison at her side sporting a slick hairdo. It was thanks to Mr Mathieson, her boyfriend of six months, who has shaped her hair for the big occasion recently. She had a little French flick last week, but this is more of a sophisticated coif. Mr Mathieson, who has a daughter from a previous marriage and does not live with Ms Gillard, prposed the more styled look…

Some Politics

Looks like Kevin Rudd is the new leader of the Labor Party. I think that I am pleased. I don’t know all that much but to be honest Kim Beazley never really impressed me. In on almost everything that I believe in (except maybe the IR laws and global warming) he had the same attitude as John Howard. I am not sure that, that will change as the Herald said yesterday it was really a choice between “right and righter” but he does seem like a genuinely good man and some what interested in social justice and many people that I respect think so too so here’s hoping.

It would be soooooo good if Labor won the next election. I am very tired of John and would really like a leader that I respected. A leader who I trusted so even if s/he made a decision I didn’t necessarily agree with I could feel okay about that as I believed that they were capable and really trying to work for the best interests of the majority of Australians including the poor not just the rich. And most of all I would really like a leader who I felt actually listened to the people. Again I don’t know if Kevin Rudd is that person but I think there is more chance of it than Kim Beazley. However you have to feel sorry for him. He has been the leader for so many years but never been the prime minister and on the same day who loses the leadership his brother dies. That has to suck.

So anyway go Kevin and go Julia. And go Labor. I do hope that under this leadership they will get the party together to win teh next election.


We are going walking in the Blue Mountains this weekend. I am not entirely sure the plans but basically we will be driving to the Blue Mountains tonight and then tomorrow we will be walking and then camping and then walking again. I believe there will be rivers to cross and scroggin to eat and some good views but hopefully not fires.

Anyway it appears that we are down a tent so Tom if you read this before you get my phone message could we please borrow your tent?