Nina growing up

I put some photos of Nina on Facebook today but here are a few for people, mainly Gem, who aren’t on Facebook. Mainly, just cause she’s so cute.

This one is for my grandparents.  Learning to ride the scooter has been slow but we seem to finally be making some progress.  Thanks.

This is Nina with Clayton.  Clayton and Nina can be very exhausting together but super cute.  It is really lovely wacthing her develop probably her first real friendship.  She really is very caring of him.

And finally, my fave pic of late, Nina with Martin taken on our 8th wedding anniversarry.  I keep looking at this photo and feeling very blessed to have these two wonderful people in my life.



Last year I wrote about how I often find it hard over the Easter long weekend to really connect to the story of Jesus crucifixion and ressurection.  I always really want to but everything always feels a little empty.  This year I had a good year.

On Good Friday I went to the Stations of the Cross ran by the Aboriginal Catholic Church.  It was a really special and reflective time.  We walked along the river with people carrying the cross. We stopped every few metres beside an Aborignal artwork depicting part of the story of the crucifixion, we read that part of the story and prayed.  Much of it was Arrenrte.

On Easter Sunday I went to my home church.  We read the story and talked about it what it meant to us. After I faciliatated a communion.  I used one of the liturgies I used to love when attending St John’s Glebe.  Breaking bread and sharing wine with people to remember Jesus really is very powerful for me.

On the block we had a big Easter lunch and the kids had an Easter Egg hunt.  Having kids around to do those sorts of things is really great.