Too sick to think about what to blog, too sick to actully blog and all I would probably blog about anyway is how sick I am. And that like this post isn’t very interesting.

Home sweet home

I arrived home last night after 25 days away. I was very happy to be here. The weather is perfect and everything is green from the rain. Not to mention it is just so good to sleep in my own bed and not live out of a bag. Especially good as the sickness has continued since my last post and when you are sick there is nothing is like home. Today I am going with Jo and Victor to find some waterholes so I think I will blog about road trip on the next post but perhaps I will finish up about the holiday in Sydney.

So where was I up to? I was having dinner with an old school friend last Friday but was very unwell. When I arrived at her place I just collapsed on her lounge wondering how I was going to get through. She asked if I was up for dinner and I explained that food was good so we got in her car and headed to a restaurant. On the way she had to pull over though so I could vomit all over the gutter and some of her car. Not the most dignified moment of my life but I felt much better for it and I was able to have a good time with her. It was a lovely meal on Dee Why beach and great to hear about what she’s been up to.

She dropped at my grandparents in Collaroy where I stayed that night and the next day I was able to spend on the beach with my family. It was the perfect day for it and the water was awesome. We also had a big lunch at my grandmother’s before returning to Jane’s. I was feeling pretty sick again in the evening but Tom came round with a movie which we watched. It was very kind of him.

On Sunday there was a farewell picnic for the Guatemalans in Hornsby park. Still sick but I got there and it was a lovely afternoon in the park with them and the crew from Hornsby. We had a swim in the pool which was very comforting to me and then I had a lemonade with the other school friend who I still see. That evening we had Thai food which I think was a bit mistake for me but the people were lovely and it was my last night in Sydney. I felt sad to be leaving again. I miss all my friends in Sydney and how comfortable and normal it all feels when I am with them. On the other hand it was good to be heading home………

Busy, busy Sydney.

So time to catch up my time here in Sydney.

It’s been a pretty hectic time since leaving Kat and Tom’s early Christmas morning after a late night of picnic’s at Glebe and Christmas Eve services. It was great to go to Glebe church and catch up with the crew there. Also, great to see the new minister in action after all the hard nominating work and he seems to be going very well. Everyone there seems pretty happy. I have to say it all felt like another world to me though.

Christmas day was good fun. We had a picnic with the Frenches, Castles, Hayes-Hidalgos plus some other lovelies. It wasn’t really the right weather for a picnic but we made it work in the end. It was good to be on the Harbour and to eat good food and to be with a group of people who feel like family. Then it was off to my grandmother’s. She put on her usual amazing spread of food and wine and it was a lovely evening of eating, present giving and catching up.

We spent the night there with the hope of the hitting the beach the next day but alas the weather was still not great so after breakfast we headed back to Eastwood where we spent the night with John who was a wonderful host to us. The next day I went to Newtown with Gem to buy a dress. We caught up with Jem as well and she showed us her new home. In the evening we saw Avatar at Hornsby and I have already wrote about that. We left John’s the next day (now the 28th) to pick up Jo, Victor and the five other Guatemalans. It was very exciting to see them. We drove back to Jane’s for a welcome lunch and then dinner.

The 29th was Peats Ridge time. After having an afternoon tea with David and Andreana, Jem and I headed down on the bus at three. We walked down into Glenworth Valley where the festival was and sat around and drank Chai til the others (Keith, Ryan, Gem and my mum ) arrived. My friend from Alice, Joy, was also there so she joined us for Chai. The next three days were filled with music and swimming in the river and more chai. It was a beautiful venue and we heard some great music and had a lot of fun but it was pretty intense for me. It was all very loud and the weather wasn’t the best and I was feeling pretty tired so I found it all a bit full on. Coming home on the 1st was a relief and having a cleansing shower and sleep. We spent the night at Janet’s who was another gracious host. Jem, Gem, Janet and I had dinner and movie with Jo before her Australian wedding.

The Australian wedding or Happy Party the next day was truly a very happy party. I had a great time catching up with people and dancing and most importantly celebrating Jo and Victor and marriage. The weather was not perhaps what the hosts were hoping for but it was phenomenal none the less. We spent the night with Jess in Wollongong and headed back to the party venue for breakfast with the crew in the morning.

From there it was on to Tamworth. A long drive from Wollongong and I was not feeling the best most of the day. It was great to get there and see my dad and my grandparents. My dad’s done some more great things with his house. I was able to have a much needed quiet day on the 4th. I was still sick and pretty tired from all the events so I just slept and read all day. It was my father’s 50th party that evening. Another great event with lots of catching up with special people. My grandma and aunts and Gemma said some pretty moving but very honest things about my dad. It was very him I think. We spent the next day in Tamworth as well. We went swimming in the river and had Thai food for dinner. Tamworth actually has a decent Thai restaurant these days which was exciting. We drove back to Sydney the next day and stayed with Janet that night.

I was still sick the next day and today so I have just been resting at Jane’s feeling sorry for myself and complaining to anyone who will listen. It’s not a bad place for that either as there are lots of people coming and going from this place at the moment. I was pleased though that Martin and I had the place to ourselves last night so were able to enjoy a romantic dinner and a movie before everyone came home again.

Now I have to prepare to head to Manly for dinner with an old school friend and then staying at my grandmother’s. I am praying my health and the weather will allow me to hit the beach this weekend as I have been desperate to for the whole trip but haven’t managed to.

The last book and movie of 2009

I probably should be writing about Christmas and New Year and all the big news that we have (and I will do that soon) but I just want to get in the last movie and

Movie 9 – Avatar
This movie was very cool. Not life changing or anything but enjoyable. It was very beautiful and the 3D effects were very special I thought. This movie is about humans going to anpother planet to mine some valuable mineral. However there are some indigenous creatures on this planet whose homes are going to be destroyed in the process. Some humans get to know the indigenous creatures and one of course falls in love with one so they fight to protect them. The ending is predictable and while I was very pleased of course that all ended up ok part of me was hoping that perhaps it wouldn’t. Because in real life it has not been a happy ending for indigenous people, their land and meaning has been taken from them. Perhaps if this had happened in a fictional story such as this that had people so emotionally involved people may be more aware of what is going for indigenous communities around the world. Maybe not but you know what I am getting at.

Book 14 – “On Rage” by Germaine Greer.
This was a pretty small book, a long essay really about rage, specifically about the rage carried by indigenous men. It may be surprising to know that a book written by Germaine Greer was actually quite sympathetic to men and very well thought out. She basically made the point that indigenous men are drinking and being violent because they are filled with rage. While white men indigenous women have been able to hold on to some of their traditional roles and meanings through child birth and raising the men have almost totally lost their roles. She argues that alcohol restrictions and all other programs etc etc that are implemented are not going to work unless we create a space for this rage to be expressed (and maybe this won’t even work). She feels that the NT intervention actually creates a bigger tension between indigenous men and women and drives a wedge between them as it often portrayed as been about white people protecting indigenous women from their men. However she is quick to point out that white men have certainly not been portectors of indigenous women. The whole stolen generation basically amounts from the rape of indigenous women by white men. It is a bleak book but an important one I think.

So 14 books read and 9 movies seen in 2009. Not a bad effort really, especially as I managed to see more movies that Howie.