How good is the rain!!!

I think this rain is absolutely fantastic, hence the title of this entry, sorry I mean post, hey I have to get back into the jargon. I must admit though it is making me not want to leave the house tonight and drive all the way to Marrickville. Tom I must really like you.

Today is my day off so obviously I didn’t have to go to work which is always nice. Martin didn’t go either as it was raining too hard so we hung out together all day which was also very nice. We applied for a loan for a car but the system crashed while we were doing it and the lady said she would call me back and she didn’t, that’s so typical I finally get a reliable computer but I am stuffed around by the bank’s computers that don’t work. I am starting to think they sense my dislike of them.

I am quite excited about buying a car but kind of nervous. They are so expensive to buy and then run and repair and insure which means that we will probably be in Australia a bit longer than I had planned saving up to travel and return to Peru but I figured I can’t spend all my time here living for there and a car would make our lives, especially Martin’s, so much easier.

“I am great”

Oh no I am blogging when I should be socialising. I didn’t plan to get back into it so much so fast.

Today at work one of the doctors asked me how I was and I said that I was great. He then looked at me with a strange face and asked why? I said no reason and he gave me an even stranger look. Later in the day when he was leaving he asked me again, so really why are you great and I again replied that there was no particular reason and I asked him does someone have to have a reason to be great and he just gave me another strange look and said well it’s not very normal and he left.

I suggest everyone try replying with I am great when someone asks them how they are.

I think I am back.

I have been talking for a little while about returning to the world of blogs. I seem to have a bit more time on my hands these days now that I am holidays from uni and I am not organising a wedding or having to entertain mother in laws. I am also a lot more relaxed so I won’t be talking about how stressed I am all the time which could get a little boring and now that I have a punching bag I am able to take all my stress out on that so I don’t have to do it here.

Mind you after saying all that I am going to say that I am feeling a little uptight and a little nervous right now as I have to go to Monday Club and although I love Monday Club I find it so hard. Like most of what happens at Rough Edges everything is always so chaotic and no matter how much effort you put in you always come up against criticism and nothing ever seems to work out how you planned. I guess I just have to try to see the significance in what appears to be relatively insignificant, see that it is not about me and my plans but about Gods.