Happy Fourth Birthday Blog!!

I wanted to write this post on Saturday but I could not as unfortunately we still do not have internet at home. 7th April it should be up but until then I have to blog at work which kind of sux. Anyway on Saturday my blog turned four. How interesting reading over some of things I have done and thought, a few cringe moments but mostly okay.

I am addicted to Harry Potter.

Started reading the Harry Potter series about 6 weeks ago. I had read the first book last year and it didn’t really do it for me but then 6 weeks ago when I had nothing to read and not in the space for something too intense I picked up the second book. Now I am up to book five. Can not seem to put it down. Not sure what it is, maybe I just need a bit of fantasy every so often.

We’re In!

There are still a few boxes lying around with stuff in them and a number of things still need to find a place but basically we are now living in our new home. We have a bed and a lounge room and we manged to cook dinner last night. A simple pasta it was but it was lovely to actually cook something again in my own home.

I feel like I am in the right place. Still feel I have some grieving to do for Enmore but all in all I feel content. Last night Martin and I went around each room of the house and prayed. We also listened to the John Coleman song Keith and Annie played at our wedding and that we listened to on our first night in Enmore. A prayer really that God will bless our house and those that come to it. A prayer that our house will be not only a blessing to us but to others and that we can use it to offer hospitality and friendship.

That evening Jem stayed and she even had a bed. Ryan and Sandy also dropped by for some tea so I felt like we were off to a good start.

I am not doing very well at feeling at peace within the chaos. In fact I feel very much not at peace. Although last night I stayed at Jane, John and Hannah’s house and waking up and looking up at the bush I had a moment of peace.

The move.

I really dislike moving. It totally is one of the most stressful, chaotic, unpleasant not too mention dusty experiences. So as you can imagine I am not really looking forward to this weekend and the process of doing just that. And I am especially not looking forward to the fact that I have to do it all again the weekend after that, as we will be living out of boxes at Ryan and Matt’s house for a week before our new place become available.

However last night at my small group we were talking about peace. Mostly about world peace and peace from conflict but we also got on to the topic of inner peace. We were talking about people we know who can be in the midst of total chaos and confusion but still somehow hold on to peace. I am aiming to be like that. Just to try and accept that life will be a little chaotic for a week or so but that’s okay.

I have also been thinking a lot about what they call “stop gap housing”. They talk about this all the time here at Vinnies and it refers to people in a state of secondary homelessness, those staying with relatives and friends as they have nowhere else to go. People who permantly live out of boxes in this state of chaos. They estimate that there are 50 000 people living like this in Australia and I guess I will be one of them for a week and I am very grateful that it is just a week and then I will have my own home. That’s what I will be concentrating on.