I am happy

I can not write long as I have a parking meter that is ticking away and so many things to do but I wanted to blog that I got the job. Yay I am so excited, I can’t believe it. I have to go for a medical first and as long as that is all fine I will start soon.

As usual I have to say that my community has been lamazing. My lovely referees of course and all the people that played my games so I could practce for the presentation and Janet who helped me prepare for the interview. Also all the people that listened to me and prayed for me I really appreciate.

Job Interview

Today I had a job interview. It is for a volunteer coordinator position at St Vincent de Paul. It started off a little shaky as there was some confusion about the time. I thought 10.30 they thought 11.00. It was awkward but in the end they blamed themselves and I blamed myself so there didn’t seem to be any resentment. The interview part was good. They were all very friendly and I felt pretty relaxed. hey I even made them laugh a couple of times. Anyway when it finished they said they would call me in a week to let me know what happened but then this afternoon they called to ask me to come for a second interview. I am very excited but also a little nervous. I have to do a presentation. Well I have to prepare a training session and then go and do it in front of them. Scary huh. I feel good though. I mean really want the job and it feels so right.

Uncertain but exciting.

I have been feeling a little bit out of it for the last couple of days. Not quite sure what is up, maybe just a bit tired from the uncertainty of life at the moment. Leaving my job, not being able to find another one, not being able to find a house, not sure what I am stdying this year it is rather exhausting.

On the other hand it is quite exciting. All the possibiltities. I keep driving past this sign outside a church at Gordon. I usually hate those signs that they put outside churches, some so trite and tacky. This one may be too but it seems to be talking to me. It says “God turns our struggles into victory”. Well something like that and when I see it I just know that I just have to keep on waiting.