Check out my new look

I am pretty excited about my blog’s new look. It is much more me I reckon. Mostly done by Ryan as usual so big thanks to him.

Anyway, the thing I am most excited about is that I can now put photos on my blog. To get started I thought I’d put a recent one of our little trip to the beautiful Litchfield National Park in the Top End and one of my gorgeous girl on her new toy

Poor little girl

Nina is not a very happy little one at the moment. I guess you can never fully know but I am pretty sur she is teeting, there is lots of drooling and a slightly funny smell in her mouth which the good old internet assures me is normal for teething babies. She also doesn’t want to eat very much at all especially anything that is a little bit acidy. For example she usually loves strawberries and pears but now she cries whenever they go into her mouth. I guess it stings. Anyway, it’s pretty tiring as she’s not sleeping that well. She seems to wake every hour or two and whimpers for awhile. It’s pretty sad to listen to. We go and sit with her but there doesn’t seem to be much else we can do. We gave her some pandol for the first time the other night as she just wouldn’t settle at all.

Thankfully when she is not eating or sleeping she seems to be able to distract herself from it by exploring everything. Her favourite game is picking somthing up and giving it to you. Then you say thank you and give it back. We are very excited because now when we sing, “if you’re happy and you know clap our hands” she claps her hands. Not always in the right spot but getting there. She also has one of those toys in which you put the rings on the pole. She learned to take them off pretty quickly but recently she has learned to put them on. Funny the things you get excited about these days.

I heard a statistic on the radio the other day that said 52% of Christians are not anti gay marriage. I don’t have any statistics but I think that is probably about the same as the general population. While I would like to think that Christians would be less judgemental than the average population and more supoortive of marginalised communities and people entering long term committed relationships I thought at least that is better than all the horrendous comments made by Chritsians at last weeks rallies in Canberra.

Arguably the biggest ten days of my life

I’m exhausted! The last 10 days have been pretty huge for me. It started on Tuesday night. Martin left for Darwin at 5pm. I was at work as I always am on Tuesday night and knocked off at 9pm. I was tired and hoping Nina would have a good night as I was going to have to get up to her the next day as Martin was away. She didn’t. She was up at three times and then wanted to get up at 5.40. I brought her in to bed with me to try to sleep some more but was up not long after 6 none the less.

I left Nina with Ryan and Libby at 8am and went to work. I came home at 12.30 to spend the arvo with her and then back to work til 9pm again. On my way home my doula client called to tell me she was in labour. So I went home had some dinner and a shower and at 11pm after an hour nap went to the hospital to be with her. At 6.20am on Thursday morning she gave birth. Another totally awe inspiring experience that I felt so blessed to be a part of but I could barely keep my eyes open. Lucky the amazing Libby and Ryan who had already spent the night with Nina agreed to look after her till 10am so I could get a little nap.

That night I did manage to get a much need 11 hours sleep although there was three wakes up in between. Then off to Darwin to meet Martin for the wedding. Martin wasn’t really able to help much though as he was the best man so Nina and I were on our own. It was a pretty nice wedding though and we had a lovely room looking over the water in Darwin.

On Saturday we headed down to Litchfield National Park. We were lucky enough to have some friends who live their as he works as the ranger. They have a little boy who is one month older than Nina and pretty gorgeous. It was fun watching him and Nina suss each other out. It was also a beautiful place to visit with it’s amazing crystal clear water and waterfalls. Although it is hard to get crocs out of your head. Also, impossible to get a much needed sleep in with two babies around.

Back to Alice on Monday evening and then back to work on Tuesday morning with an 8am start and 9pm finish on both Tues and Wed. Thursday was just 8.20 to 12.20 but then today was 8.20 to 4.30. Thankfully, it hasn’t been a bad week at work. The teacher I work with has a very different philosophy about teaching to me which can make it pretty heavy going but I get along pretty well with the students.

Anyway, it’s good to be home tonight and I am planning to go to bed now and sleep all weekend. Well as much as Nina will allow.

Why I want to be a doula.

I have my second doula client. The only problem is that she is due to have her baby next Tuesday and we are going to be in Darwin from Friday until Monday. I guess I just have to hope that she is like most firrst time mother’s and goes into labour late rather than early.

After our meeting like week she sent me an email that really made me even more certain about why I think doulas are important and why I want to be one. This is part of it.

“Since meeting you I sleep much better. I am much more confident about the birth and my perception of the pain I am going to experience changed totally… I am looking forward to it!”

Isn’t that great!! Makes me certain that even if she does come early and I don’t make it to her birth she will have a much better birth because she is feeling excited and confident in her abilities to birth her baby.

Picnic Day

THe NT has this great public holiday called Picnic Day. Don’t you think that is great a day set aside for picnics? Anyway, yesterday was picnic day and so we had a picnic. It was a wonderful picnic in the riverbed opposite our house. There were lots of kids and dogs and good food to be enjoyed. As well as a really good dose of lazing around. It made me really happy.

The other thing we did for the long weekend was take Nina on her first camping experience. It went pretty well really. She loved it – being outdoors is definitely her thing. Although there was a bit of hard work for us making sure she didn’t choke on rocks or consume too much sand. Not to mention night feeds and early mornings in a tent are pretty cold.